new work; what I've been getting up to

here are some shots of work in progress and completed new work.  I am using cone 5 smooth body bmix.  I went through a period of trying a bunch of cone 5 porcelain clay bodies and I did have some even results.  I have found with my process, manhandling, the porcelain wasn't going to work, there was too much loss and too much frustration - literally coming apart at the seams!  I can say it's also the lack of patience and skill by the user, no doubt!   For pumping out a steady stream of functional ware, the bmix is so stout, so predictable, with enough elegance in it's final color, a smooth enough body for the's a workhorse.  In fact, the vanilla color of the clay body adds that little somptin' somptin' to the nostalgic flavor I'm looking for!  Still the porcelain is wringing in my ears.

favorite tool; a tiny exacto!

The best part is when I happen to get the clay at it's most perfect leather-ness -  drawing at that perfect time is absolute bliss...a million tiny lines.  I need to get out the house a bit more.  


  1. I am a rank amateur, a novice, a makeelearn, so all I can do is look on and admire. I have no idea what a bmix is, but I hope I'll remember when I need it! I love your whale in its own blue world, just straddling the divide with its tail. Actually I love all of it!

  2. haw! and I'm facinated by the moniker pimpmybricks! Bmix is a clay body and it's a good clay body, made by laguna. Bmix comes in a cone 10 as well - with or without sand and/or grog. People who are sane usually like some sand or grog.

  3. Definitely not sane, that's me! Love bmix. And love your work!

  4. Defintely some of the nicest "domestic" ware I have seen.
    I really like these, they remind me of old "scrimshaw" which I am sure is what you intended, but I don't understand how they are done.
    Is it a white body that you stain afterwards?

  5. thank you Patricia! Imagine - thanks. It's a pretty simple process really, no bells and whistles...I have stain that I put in the lines at the bisque stage. And yes, I am going for a very natural, nostalgic but slightly new and modern look. I happen to be a history kook and maritime history is a big influence - I also live in view of on and around the ocean. thanks so much for comments! appreciated!