Guess what? Stuck and unstuck go hand in hand

Pulled this out of the kiln still nice and warm and WHAM!   Instantly unstuck.  The other piece I was suffering through finishing - well, it's drying.  I'm still ambivalent about it, though.
Then this got my attention and I couldn't be more unstuck, more engaged.

Interesting that this is mirroring some personal life events too, but I digress.  How did I not get that the two things often happen simultaneously or semi-simultaneously.  Am I oversimplifying the complexities of the creative process?  I am just thinking if you have a lot of tools in the tool box - stuck is a way less existential crisis-y, little downward spiral and therefore less impactful to the creative psyche.  This isn't coming out right...I think it's just that sometimes you're ahead and sometimes you're behind.

Shakespeare said; "Everything and Nothing"

I still feel the same way about the windy/water piece - wishy washy, but I don't about this one.

For this piece: I thought I'd capture the glaze process as I go along on this one  (please, my super talented friends; chime in at any time if you think I need saving!)


  1. Yea! Glad to hear you are unstuck.

  2. Ha! don't worry Jenn - I'll be stuck again, probably soon, no doubt!