Depth Perception

Olaf Hajek 

I've been sitting on these for months and months.  This work is a big factor in what spawned my interest in doing my recent pieces.  I have gone back to these Olaf Hajek over and over in my mind - for me they instantly got under my skin, instantly became unforgettable.   I don't even know how to begin to describe the connection I felt to this work.  Every time I look at them, my heart almost jumps out of my body.  This is connection/inspiration on a spirit journey level.  I had already been going down the road of doing "big hair" - I have seen Susan Beiner's work which inspires me, and Cristina Cordova's work - the large head pieces.  BUT, when I saw these it was like finding a suitcase full of $1000 bills!  a big suitcase, people.

this is where you crack it open and the sweetest juice comes pouring out!


here's an interview  

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  1. Those are amazing. I can see why you connect with them. I love the palette too. It is exciting to see how your inspiration translates into your own voice. Nice!