Jay Mercado Sketch Exhibit

Jay Mercado opened his studio this last Saturday to showcase some of his sketches from the daily sketch ritual he has been doing for over ten years.   It was fantastic!   There was an ocean of small sketches hung on the wall in a collage - a collage that spanned over a decade.  Most work is on 3x5 plain white cards, but some were on large format tickets, small round pieces of paper, cardboard paper, even paint chip samples (some of my favorites) many black and white, some with splashes of color.  Each a tiny world; the detail staggering.   Each represents a morning somewhere in Jay's history, representing a place, thoughts, feelings, emotion - a personal journey.  Ask Jay about a particular drawing and he'll tell you where he was and what was happening in his life - often he'll laugh to himself remembering pieces of the memory he wants to keep to himself.

Around his studio is evidence of how much sketching is part of his connection to his work and life.  It's so inspiring; really inspiring.  Jay will tell you it's a meditation; I agree.  It roots you in your life.  Drawing is so much about looking at something, and looking again.  Some people write, Jay writes in vignettes that tell a 1000 stories.

Every time I have every talked with Jay and Teresa I leave energized and inspired.  The studio was buzzing.

Jay is going to open again this coming Saturday - Go check out the show, meet and talk with Jay and Teresa and of course, have a cookie!

Jay Mercado
Sketch Show Encore

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