Whoa, that was super cool!

Michelle Gregor rocks the ACGA!  her work is AH MAY ZIIING!

Barb Vanderbeck - Barb's has a following - there are people always mobbing her at this show - it was a challenge just to get a picture here and there.  How can you not love her bird totems!  This little number up top with his cute headdress.  

Sharon Virtue.  Sharon just returned from her second trip to Haiti.  She has been travelling there with an organization providing art therapy for children.  She's a trail blazer this one, and as I have said many times, a creative force to be reckoned with!   

Shelley Simon and her very famous "Dirty Dishes" fountains.  Shelley does not have a website - we are working on that.

Forrest Lesch Middleton is the nicest guy!  I talked with him about his work and process for some time.  He never tired of my questions and was so awesome about sharing his process.  His work is detailed and tight and just gorgeous - the better still because it turns out he's such a cool guy.  And, I had to have a cup; I always buy cups. 

Tammy Burwell - To say her work is spectacular is to understate her talent as a thrower, her incredible knowledge and experience as a potter, teacher and in Raku and pit fire.  She is a delight to hang with and learn from!

The ACGA Show this last weekend was a great time; I'm so lucky to know so many wonderful amazing artists in the clay community and have many of them for friends.

I went on Friday to help some of my pals set up their booths.  It's great to have a behind the scene's view; to see the different booth set up and watch them deal with the circus of doing shows.  There is a lot to be learned from "Booth Set up 101" as Sharon was calling it! 
Have lots of tape, safety pins and table cloths on hand for one.  Never discount any measure of organization and always have a good attitude and plenty of caffeine!!

These guys are the pros. 

It was a fun day to see friends, meet some new ones, and talk 'shop' - Whitney, Rae and Josie were there - they always have people piling in and spilling out of their booths!  Always fun to see those guys~! 

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  1. cool!! I was gonna go but just couldn't...thanks for sharing the photos that is awesome!!!