some new pieces

I have been working with porcelain recently. I confess, I'm hooked on the stuff.  

I've been using Matt & Dave's Clay and I'm getting attached to it; I've tried four different porcelain clay bodies and keep going back to the Matt&Dave thing - it can take a beating and I've had ZERO cracking problems or issues with how I handbuild.  

Having taken a workshop with Molly Hatch - on the mishima process and who rocks this process like no one's business - a couple of Molly's tips have really helped me get over my "when in doubt -do nothing" approach to the wide open spaces of young clay!  And it's been great.  I just do not like drawing free hand on a newly built piece very much, tho I do some, and having the freedom of the template works better for me.  I have found it invaluable. 
I have to say that drawing with an exacto is super satisfying, if a little challenging.  Too much caffeine does NOT help and patience and concentration are key!

next is incorporating my new mad screenprinting skills! 


  1. the plates are great, what technique did you use, mishima? they look like watercolors. I just cant' draw on clay the way I can in my journal; I'd love to learn a technique to get my drawings more crisp on the clay. Exacto knife I might have to give it a try.

    I might have to give Matt and Dave's porcelain a try for my handbuilt, still like the whiteness of porcelain for some pieces, Bmix was good, a little off white which is good sometimes, I gave up on Frost too many cracks

  2. hi Linda - it is Mishima. and the exacto is awesome - super sharp and the end result looks so smooth - it does look like a nice line drawing. I make templates on tissue paper and then cover them with packing tape front and back to be able to reuse them. So, you can basically draw from your journal and then just trace them on your piece and then draw it in with the exacto! it's laborious, but I like the process much more then adding color at the bisque stage which is what I have been doing.

    and I can't say enough about Matt & Dave's clay!! I am not a big fan of bmix. I'm so into porcelain at this point - and sculpture mix and black mountain. But try M&D's clay. let me know what you think.

  3. love the bird plate, Linda. it's fabulous!

  4. can I ask what clear glaze you are using, been having a problem finding one I'm happy with nowadays.


  5. I want to say this is Leslie's 1100. It's a really bright clear - I have great consistant results with it. If you're from the Bay Area Leslie's Clay Supply is in Berkeley - on San Pablo. Happy to provide more info...