visual stim...

Right now, it's all collage-y, flourishy, color plate illustration-y all the time.  Color. Texture. Pattern. Design.  My background is Graphic Design; hence the fanaticism for all of the above.

I don't know about you; I sometimes get so obsessed by imagry and design that it's all I can think about for days.  I process like mad.  As I gear up to start making some new pieces; I am on "Surface Decoration" visual stim overload; total IMMERSION.  At Mom's house on M-Day; I drew a bunch of drawings off the gorgeous floral tablecloth at brunch. 
(actually, I've made some small wall pieces to practice - so starting to make some test tiles to figure out what's coming with me)

Anahata Katkin - love this work - I keep going round about wanting to do some collage - and I'm really attracted to her crazy order of things, the graphic element, the something old, something new, vintage east and west; Anahata has such a unique style; she created a company around it! 

William Morris - genius

piece of fabric from Petit Trianon - a piece of fabric of Marie Antoinette's making it even more facinating to me for surviving, for being a tiny window into history. 

Kelchnerian and Gaskellian calligraphic examples - the flourishing calligraphic style reached some extravagant heights during the late 19th Century into the 1920's - what is late Victorian age - it's a bridge from the past looking into the modern industrial world.  And we've left so much behind haven't we.