Pick up one of these...

Here is some new work from Rae Dunn made for a show at GUMP'S.  Aren't they fabulous!  Look at these vases, the use of the delicate decal florals inside, the quiet color, softness and such expression.  BRAVO!  I have a couple pieces of Rae's and I am always instantly attracted to the delicate calm and approachable feel her work expresses.  They feel "like home" to me in a very real and tactile way.  It would be impossible not to pick one of these up and feel them in your hands. 

No doubt they will jump off the shelf!

This to me is what ceramics is all about; a completely hand made beautiful piece of work made by someone designed for the purpose.  There is such a special quality to them and yet they are definitely something I want to use in my home every day.

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Also, Rae writes a great blog; in fact, her blog was one thing that got me started on thinking it would be a fun project to start one myself. 

...and she is SO super nice!