nudibranch love

I have always had a thing for these flashy little oceanic beauties.

Nat. Geographic has a slick photo series of only a few of the some 3000+ species of Nudibranchs that cover all oceans of the world.  No, no, it's not nudie beach, it's Nudibraaanck. 

Anyway, I have long fantasized about doing a bunch of small porcelain pieces of these poisonous little wonders.

National Geographic
More on Nudibranch's here


  1. Aren't they the best?! Nature is absolutely amazing.

  2. yes - it's truly amazing and never ceases to inspire me!

  3. OMG, I have to share this with my friend. Too cool!

  4. wow. these are amazing. I thought they were sculptures and then slugs and then I read what you wrote. lol. How completely awesome. Thank you Ocean!