Sharon Virtue brings the FUNK {SHON}


Sharon Virtue
Artist Reception Saturday, April 10
opening 5pm!


As you know; I have talked about Sharon before.  As usual, she's trucking along at high speed.  

In Sharon's words:
"My new ceramic show demonstrates how functional ceramics bring some bling to your dinning experience.

Challenging our assumptions about representation by playfully blurring the boundaries between western ideas about ‘high’ art and traditional categorization of ‘African Art’. Your Spring will be sprung with these brilliant funky functional ceramic wares inspired by African textiles and Rococo ornamentation.

FUNK {SHON} a playful pun on the word function, is the first show of only utilitarian ceramics I have created. I believes tha a healthy portion of art should be included in all of our daily diets. What better way to provide that than on a beautifully decorated plate or cup or bowl?

My new functional ceramic work is a combination of 17th century ceramic decorative art forms and African textiles. Inspiration came from Chris Ofili and Yinka Shonibare, British artists of African decent, whose works open up debate about the social, cultural and political issues that shape our histories and construct our identity."

I can tell you from experience that attending Sharon's show will be an experience.

One you won't soon forget;
chicken suits
glitter glam
food & drink

a supremely unique time will be on offer.

...and her work really does fly out the door - so, get there on the early side!

for more on Sharon Virtue; Sharon's Website

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