get your mind right

She is finished, and has her head on straight.   It was floppin' around there for a bit. 

Haven't the slightest idea what the glaze scenario will be. 

I'm liking the octopus angle and want to make some more...

This is the wierdest part "in the process" for me; the it's done part.  It's the same feeling I have when I finish a book I am really into and have been reading for some time.  I'm so into finishing the story but I am also sad I will no longer be spending time with "my book friends".   You are no longer immersed in the story - ultimately, the book gets put on a shelf.  There is such excitement and energy in the process of creating something - and then you make the thing and're done, it's over.  wierd.  I don't know if it's this way for other people.  I still have work to do on her, she has to be fired, glazed, blah, blah - but I'm in this place where I am moving on...

entering the 'what's next' time.

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