Christa Assad

I had to show this photo again; click on it and see it in it's full glory.  Click on the picture to glory in the gloriousness.  Just look at the thing - it's a Dutch Painting.

big fan.  I have to ask Christa who took this photo.


  1. Christa is amazing. Her work is definitely exquisite. She's also just such a super cool gal. If you ever get to see a show of her's - do!

    can you believe that picture?

  2. no that picture is beautiful...

    ill have to look at her site. i wonder if she shows in southern california?

  3. She's ALL over the world - her site is listed in the clay links...

    I'll see her Sat - I'll see what she's up to.

  4. excellent! i just noticed she had a xiem show in pasadena years ago..