Round Two

Sorry, I've not been 'gettin' my blog on' lately; I've been getting ready for the next show. There are good and bad things I've learned about doing shows basically back to back.

here's some good things:
  • I'm already packed and basically ready to go - I did that work packing for the last show
  • I'm "warmed" up coming off last weeks' great show! I'm not feeling as nervous.
  • The hard work is done; I'm in a more relaxed attitude about the whole thing
  • I'm excited and looking forward to the show!

couple small neg's:

  • I'm still not feeling well - I've been battling a cold/flu for weeks
  • I whipped out some new small pieces and may be pulling them out of the kiln on show day!
  • I whipped out some new small pieces and I may not be pulling them out of the kiln on show day!
I had a goal this year to do two shows and here I am; I've almost completed my goal. Of course, being in the middle of this process, I've been thinking about it a lot; what it took for me to get here, my planning, timing, organizing, what worked and most importantly what didn't work? I don't mind the hard questions; I am very interested in doing a critique on myself. How did I do? Where are my areas for improvement? What did I learn? I am already aware of some significant ways I can improving my prep. I am still working out exactly what this really means for my goals and plans for next year. So, I am going to do the Madrigalli Show this coming weekend then I hope to have a valuable discussion of my performance good and bad!

...more on that later - for now:

You may not hear from me much this week! If you're in the neighborhood, please come by the show and say hi! I'd love to hear from you.


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