2009 Sea Glass & Ocean Art Festival

Outside the Seymore Marine Mammal Center - right in front of natural bridges :)

thanks to everyone who patiently waited in line both days to get in! We love you for that!

Krista Hammond of Santa Cruz Sea Glass Jewelry - an awesome show organizer, great jewelry!!

Candace MacDonald - Beachstring!

moi and some of the girls.

BiG thanks to my friend Richard for taking pictures; the phone action just ain't cuttin' it. Thank you Janine! I really could not have done it with out you, all that restaurant experience rarely goes to waste! Also, thanks to my parents who helped out with packing and hauling stuff down there at the crack of dawn - and to Brian & Susan who helped me pack it up and haul it home! All a HUGE help! Also, again, thanks to Krista and Tony, who did a great job putting this on; and the Seymore Marine Mammal Center Staff! They were all so easy going and helpful. Oh, and thanks Rose - I'm working on your no. 11's!!

And thanks to everyone who came by, signed in the book, took home some of my work and stayed around to chat with me!

appreciate it!

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