new pieces

This one's got some Stingray-ness to it!

I am down to the last few weeks before the first show November 7 & 8. I admit that I think I'm in pretty good shape; though I have moments of panic where I doubt I am as "ok" as I think.

I have been working every night and every weekend and literally firing the kiln every day. I fire at night, empty it and 'reload' next night - I am pulling the last glaze firing tonight - I would have been done; however, I just don't "feel" done; I am compelled to make more - I have 5 bags handy; I am going to make as much as I can over the long weekend. Then I think I'm done; well, I have to be done; times up! I will have to fire all the new greenware; glaze and fire. Not all of it will be completed for the show on the 7 & 8, I'm hoping I may need some back up pieces for the show on the 21 & 22 of Nov!

It's Mad - mad goodness :) and I'm loving every minute of it!


  1. I love the shapes of these plates. I want to drop them in water and watch them swim...