fun(ny) dream

In my dreams last night; Dante and I were on a luge, 'luging' through a city; it was a dream city of course; a bit of San Francisco, a bit of London, a bit of Paris - it was in the evening and there was a sunny red orange glow shining against buildings in that distinctly San Francisco way. there we were luging through town; I was steering and going up and down hills. Everyone knows I drive too fast. I remember we were having a great time! We took a right on some street and 'parked' the luge. Magically it was then night. And magically again, I was talking to this super tall blond surfer skater guy ;) I noticed across the street that there was a pomelo tree! I was fascinated by the huge pomelo's hanging on this tree - all of them bigger than your head, green and just massive - right next to it was another pomelo tree; those pomelo's where very bright, vibrant, colorful, floaty and light.

That's it. No plot; just me, jr., a zippy luge ride, a cute surfer and huge pomelo's.

Yeah, I don't know what to say either.

I'm amused by the luge angle :) fascinated by the pomelo's

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  1. super blond tall surfer guy huh! Hmmmm sounds good to me- LOL! Oh wait I have a surfer guy alreay who is big!