Master bath - 6x12 glass tile from Australia and Bisazza mosaic blend; there is a green marble on the floor

Guest Bath - Bright Green Bisazza mosaic blend, a grey limestone on the floor and cream limestone lines the walls floor to ceiling.

This is a Wasabi green concrete counter top made by Sonoma Cast - a fabulous company making the best quality concrete surfaces.

I realized in visiting the house that it really deserves a great camera - someone who knows how to use one properly and some staging. So, here are my crappy flybytheseatofmypants pictures (I will spare you the pic with the toilette seat up- mayday); I will hopefully get some 'professional' photos taken in future. I'm really proud of this project and I'd like to see some good pictures too!

The details in the work on this house were amazing and deserve a good look. The process of remodeling and redoing your home is a daunting one; there are literally 1000's of decisions to be made over a long time and after spending a ton of money; and of course every one of them is critical to the final outcome, but it is so easy to want the thing to just be over especially if it goes on for a long time. I work very hard to ensure that THEE best decisions are made for the client and the house and to keep the morale of the thing going.

The last decisions are the ones everyone sees in the end - they are the most important and they are also the ones being made often when the client is just tired of making decisions; bad combination.

moral of the story: if you're doing a remodel of significance - get a grip; realize what you're getting yourself into, do your homework and don't lose it near the end. really. follow through most especially at the end; if you don't; that's when bad things happen....the last thing you want to feel after a long ass project is that you would do things over again.

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