couple things

I had the great pleasure of doing design consulting working with the owner of this house and the contracter to who built it; I have a few pictures and I will post more about it soon...

I took a ride this weekend to visit with the owner and see the house; I hadn't seen it for at least 6+ months. It's a great feeling to go back to a project I spent over a year on and feel just as happy and good about my decisions as I did then. I like to operate as a collaborative team with the owner and in this case it couldn't have been better! Fabulous project, great results and the owner said to me she wouldn't change one thing.

They wanted to get a spread in Sunset Mag and she turned them down!

One of my neighbors is a landscape artist and designer; she asked me if I'd be interested in doing a balinese/indonesian sculpture for her garden and she will work on my backyard as a trade; what did I say to that? SIGN ME UP!

I am just starting to gather up some imagery to help me work on my design - I'll definitely be posting about this one...super excited!

that's it for today; we're deep in the monday action

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