day four

view from my studio

Finally, today the studio project will be completed and my job of getting it 'up and running' will begin. It looks great, it came out exactly like my drawings - isn't it great when a plan comes together! Actually, looking back on the last month and the planning of this; it happened really fast. It's hard to believe it's done and so close to being ready for use! The roof, doors and windows are all that remain to be completed today.

William and Patricia of Best Shed Ever have been great to work with - they answered all of my questions, worked with me on some customization and then totally delivered. I definitely recommend them.

what's left for me is to polyurethane the floor for easy clean-up and then get that monster table in (I hope it fits through the door :) yikes).


can't wait to have afternoon tea and visitors.


  1. your studio looks fan-frickin-tastic! let me know when to bring the bubbly over!

  2. yes! I think a magarita-off may be in our future! Thanks Shirls.