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To Studio or not to Studio?

I've been asking myself this for a few years now; I've shared space in the past, borrowed space, made whatever I had work and it's all been fine. I like being part of a studio community and I like working on my own - that's the recluse insomniac talking. I currently work out of Skyline's ceramic studio, Tiffany Schmierer's program. It's a super fantastic space. I've also been near the top of the locker list at Ruby's for a while too. Ruby's is a wonderful community of artists and has a nice gallery space; I have great friends there and it's always filled with lively, interesting & curious people. And, there was the opportunity at Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica for a space that was half a classroom. Huge. Nice light. Great price. BUT, I couldn't have my kiln in my space and that was the deal breaker.

I also work out of my my home (are you getting the picture yet?). I have a wheel, a kiln and a garage and dining room table and a ridiculously beautiful ocean view - there are definite +'s - it's just a little awkward and cramped. I am feeling the need for a dedicated work space and a dedicated salad eating space.

Why not build a studio (glorified shed) in the yard with FULL FRONTAL OCEAN VIEW! Simple. Modern. Comfortable. That's the plan anyway - the reality may be a tad different.

These drawings show what I'm thinking of; I think it could be expensive to have these silly ideas.

...can of worms, can oh worms, for sure :)

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