An unsmooth travel debacle smoothed out by Design Sponge

Right now I should be having a cuppa with friends in Dublin, Ireland.  Instead I had a more typical stand-by ticket kind of day with much travel hiccups sprinkled on top for added fun - so I'm home.  I'm going to try to get on a flight tonight !

So, waking up this morning after a 17 hour day at the airport  - I was a tad cranky and very very tired - (up all night trying to deal with Aer Lingus - which I highly recommend not flying - they have ZERO customer service.  Zeee ROOOW).  I got a spike of sales in my Etsy shop and thought - wow, awesome!  Really took a bite out of the Air Lingus money down the drain debacle.

Then I found out I was featured on Design Spongeand the dim light bulb flashed - ohhhhhh !

Really feels great !  A blog I admire and read - I really appreciate the exposure and feel humbled and grateful to be recognized !

ok - I need fingers & toes crossed; 1. that I am not getting sick -cough- cough.  noooooo, please.  and,  2. that the rest of the travel plans go smoothly.  beg, plead.

Thank you, Design Sponge!!