The best time of year

porcelain/found driftwood handmade spoons/linda fahey

porcelain/found driftwood spreaders/knives-linda fahey

Cheese/bread/app board w/porcelain driftwood spreader - linda fahey
New work - linda fahey

I love Fall !  It's always been my favourite time of year for many reasons.  One of them is that it's truly scarf&beanie season!  yay.  I have a thing for a smart scarf&beanie.  The waves are back, the ocean is awake and I like having a bit of weather.  And I can't forget pomegranates - really, the number one reason I love the Fall.  I'm a happy go lucky glutton.

Summer seemed to go on  f o r e v e r  which would seem like a good idea, but there was always this feeling of wanting to get somewhere fast - like when you were a kid and on a long drive would ask your parents, "are we there yet?" Well, we are here and it's already clear it's going to be action packed.

Here's what's on tap:

Santa Cruz Sea Glass & Ocean Art Festival
November 3&4
At the Historic Cocoanut Grove, Santa Cruz

Artisan Day at the Mercantile/Cavallo Point
December 1,
Cavallo Point Resort & Spa 

Madrigalli Market Artisan Event
Nov 30 & Dec 1st
Historic Fire house on Pedro Point
Pacifica, Ca

Other news: making a HUGE order of driftwood spoons and additional pieces for delivery early 2013.
I got a nice new big kiln.  I need to hire an undergrad/intern, very soon, and I need to get to the beach and find some wood!

So, yeah, hello Fall, we are here, and it's time to get my ass in gear !

Have I reminded you lately; go check out the gals at MudColony !  


  1. Linda, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the porcelain spreaders!!!! Where can I buy?

  2. Hi Jill ! thanks. I have an etsy shop. They are not listed as I am making these exclusive to a retailer - but happy to do small individual orders. Come on over, send a convo. I'll set up an order for you.


  3. Extraordinary work Linda- so innovative :)

  4. I like the way that the driftwood ties in with the ocean theme,

  5. I think that I need to start buying myself some xmas gifts! heheheh...LOVE the cheeseboard...and the spoons of course and knives.... Your work is soooo gorgeous, but then I think I say that all the time!