Strictly Functional musings via FetishGhost Secret Studio

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This is the man, Joel Blum, aka Zygote Blum, aka FetishGhost.
His work is original, signature and beautiful!  His blog is thoughtful, insightful, and an inspiration.

His recent post about his bid for the 2012 Strictly Functional show is worth calling attention to for readers.  I'm a big proponent of critique - though it can sting at times, it can also be truly liberating.  There is a real art to giving a well constructed, thoughtful critique.  Of course, not all "critiquers" are created equal and some, well, frankly suck and can be very counter productive.  But, man it's great when you get a good one, even by degree, and can glean out a pearl.

Get on the FetishGhost train . . . it's a great blog and worth keeping an eye on.

I think Joel will make CM one of these days.  


  1. ah, tell her we knew this all along- been a fan for awhile.
    Plus as you know- Joel is a name close to my heart.
    You have a wonderful face.

  2. Haw!! me too, big fan. and I've been following you for a long time too! He does have a wonderful face !!! We love us some Zygote Blum.