A few new things

This week marked one year since being made redundant - to put it nicely.  And what a year.

It's been a roller coaster ride, make no mistake - I confess I like rolling hills more than huge highs and lows.  I think it's kind of fun when you hit a crest and your stomach jumps up. . . but you can keep the loop-de-loos.

I've got a packed schedule for the remainder of the year, and I just bought a new and bigger kiln.  yay!

Progressively, I've been working on some new things - trying some ideas.  Some of them stared out as just for fun - fooling around in the studio, creating yet another distraction, and an effort to use some of the slab scrap from my working process.

So here we have:
Tea strainers - I like em, like making them, thinking they kind of have to be unglazed.
Cake servers & cake stands (actually, without the stand part ;-)).   But I can't just call it a cake, so, I am calling them Hatbox Cake Stands.  I'm interested in some of the really modern simple forms of the Scandinavian potters - and I like the idea of the cake stand mimicking the bottom tier of a cake.

I'm going to keep going on these and see whether they generate some interest.


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