An interview and thanks to Jesse Lu on Mudbucket

At the helm of the Mudbucket is Jesse Lu.  Before she flew off to new and fabulous adventures in the grand south west, she lived in SF and we became friends.  I had long before that followed her blog Mudbucket.  All of you know, a great blog on the clay arts.

We recently spent a few days in conversation, she had some questions for me and she is running that interview today on Mudbucket.  These things make me a bit nervy - but she has amazing insight, is a really strong interviewer, and had good, really good questions.  It was an enjoyable experience.

I've never been interviewed?!

I fear it may be a tad long, but there you have it, it's out there . . .

Jesse Lu's Mudbucket Blog


  1. great interview and loved seeing shots of your studio.

  2. Hi Linda!! thanks. It's a little awkward for me, but there it is. The grant thing is the bigger deal, seeing if I can get some support for that bid, that's where the news is.

    thanks for coming by!!