visitors, followers; I need a couple minutes of your time...

I have applied for the Chase/Livesocial Grant.  In order for me to be considered as a candidate for this grant, I need YOUR VOTE.  I need your support!   
It takes about 2 minutes, there is no obligation, voting is anonymous... the deadline is June 30.  I'm 3/4 way there!  I'd love to see what's on the other side of the first round!

**Please note that voting is tied to your Facebook login.  

click here to case your vote.

1. click learn more
2. click on support
3. scroll down to box; type in Linda Fahey Ceramics, California, Pacifica, and hit VOTE!
4. Hit share to post it to your wall in Facebook.

This grant would allow me to open a studio/retail facility - I would be able to afford a gas kiln as well as any additional equipment it will take to launch me to the next level where a sustainable career is possible!  You can read HERE for more info on me and what I'd like to do if I qualify for this grant.

Linda Fahey Ceramics Facebook page


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