sticking in my head

Andrea Keys Connell blows my mind.  The first time I saw this work I was mesmerised and horrified and mesmerised and, well, haunted.  It left me feeling incredibly curious and putt off at the same time.  I was instantly connected to a story; whether it is one I am telling myself or the one she is telling.   I've looked at her work time and again and I continue to be moved by it.  One thing is certain,  I have never forgotten these pieces or Andrea's words about them.  Haunting is the word.  Haunting, in the most magnetic way.

go to her website; look at her work.  read her words.  seriously, it's worth your time.

Andrea Keys Connell


  1. thanks for posting L.. i'm just about to post some work in progress and talk abit about where i'm at with getting ready for the horrorvaccui show with Tiffany... i'm considering wall and floor pieces, so this is PERFEct for me to review for my own work...
    keep on swimmin'

  2. I think it would be so lucky for us if you did post some WIP shots and discuss some process. I look forward to seeing that! thanks for coming by, lovelie !!!