some newness

I've been doing some new work.  I'm using a simple modern form and exploring more drawing and illustration, the drawing is my focus.  Though I spend time considering the functionality and design of the form, and I'm attracted to every kind of form, I seem to stick to a very simple utilitarian shape.  I go back and fourth about it in my mind, but still the same thing keeps popping out.

I think a pitcher form may be as complicated as a tea pot to make?

oh, my apologies my tiny readership; I've been neglecting the blog for months now; I'm on FB, Etsy, Pinterest.  I'm definitely spending (wasting) too much time lollygaging on the computer...I haven't even updated my own website.  I used to write the blog at work, where I often had time on my hands.  The odd thing about not working is how different time is.  I have had success and failure at managing my time, but that's another post; working on that one.

I'd like to get back in the saddle on the blog and puff it up with some new life....


  1. such fabulosity. both pieces are mondo beautiful

  2. wise words. wise wise wise. it is a slippery slope....

  3. These are exquisite. Love the shape of the slab spouts on those greenware pices!

  4. Linda - Your work is gorgeous... I love the imagery you have on your work and am amazed at the clean etching and line work you achieve. Do you ever teach workshops?