a few new bits...

So, I confess I love cobalt.  I also confess it's a bit intimidating to me.  Mostly because in my experience,  I've had such mixed results.  Hazing, jumping, it turning up in surprising and unexpected places ;-))  It is awesome though.  I love it.  So, on I go.  I'm working out how to bend it to my will.   Hah.  Well, I hope, at some point....

modern nostalgia - is it possible?


  1. Watching you make all this incredible work is making me extremely jealous for one, and two, it's making me so itchy to work in clay!!! I'm so busy with work five days a week and all this textile business for my kickstarter project... ugh!

  2. jesse - I think that the work you're doing right now will find its way into your clay work once you get back to it. I think it can only be carried forward, right? right ;-))

    what is also great about what you are saying is your drive to want to create in clay again. I cannot wait to see what you do with that!! and besides the work you are doing for this project is so ridiculously good! I'm glad you are doing it.

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