this one feels different

Today for whatever reason 'feels' like a new year.  I don't remember feeling so much like I've 'entered' a new year quite the way I do this time.  I'm not sure why, but there it is.

I don't know about you guys; last year was a bleepin' bleepity bleep of a year?  I lost my job, got a boy, he moved in, he moved out,  people showed up, people left, people died and babies were born....and then the holidays came.   Even though it was a royal ass pain, I'd do it all again, all of it critical, even necessary.   The hardest lessons are the best teachers!  I love it.

But, what's curious, what's odd, is 'last year' already feels more like years ago.  It doesn't feel like just months and weeks and days have just gone by.  Today feels like everything somehow got fast forwarded, much like an era ended and a new one suddenly started.  People must have their own personal eras.  It is almost like flipping through some old photo album wondering who is that person I'm with and why the hell did I wear that?

I've still no "real" job.  And my definition of that is rapidly changing.  I've been operating as if clay IS my real job and will keep doing that until I figure out what a "real" job is for me now (my bank accounts' are in charge, however).   I don't know what it's going to be; I can tell what it isn't: working for a massive company, ushering people and paper here and there - with two actual hours of work each day and 6 hours of politics.   After 25 years of that nonsense, I'm having an allergic reaction to any thing resembling a cube and 360 reviews.

I applied to 4 shows - would like to find a couple more.  I'd like to keep to a pretty regular studio schedule, and spreading events out over the year every couple months will keep me on my toes!

Started my Etsy shop - we'll see how that goes.  I have a lot to learn there.  I'm going to design some t-shirts, note cards and maybe some other stuff...

I just found a bigger kiln (needed).  I need an electrician.  ...actually, I need a plumber too!

Brushing off the remaining dust of last year and (smiling) and looking forward.  Hopefully, next year I will have some really fabulous pictures to look back on?

...I just started cranking out some Valentine's Day stuff - waving goodbye to last year, and looking at 2012 and saying "Hello Sailor"

fun times ahead!


  1. I love the way you explained it. Thanks for being so open and honest about your experiences. Here is to an amazing eye opening 2012.

  2. thanks Jenn - I'd love to say being a clay artist IS my new's my "real love". financially, it needs to be suplimented! My thing is finding something more symbiotic to the clay business in an effort to work towards it being fully financially sustainable! That's my three year plan!

    ...and yes, here's to 2012~! it will nothing if not exciting and new!

  3. A pleasant consolation is that as things get tougher, we have to mean what we make. The draconian thumb of intent is affecting the quality of the work. The results are just getting better and better. Love the studio picts!

  4. cheers to 2012, the year when your bank account will become your supportive clay artist ally, instead of your nagging boss! ;)

  5. FG - you got it. and I like that...a lot. I call it weeding out the wimps - but I like how you put it. Grit and determination and a pure desire to be better and better. And WELCOME anca grey - I love your site and blog!!!