I took the plunge

My new ETSY Shoppe.

I welcome all input and feedback and tips and pointers.  I just did not realize the depth of Etsy-esque things I need to find out about and learn.

Happily, I did have a successful end of year with sales and don't have a dearth of inventory.  I did have a goal of getting this up and running before year end and,,,,well, I have.

It literally took me all day to get it up and list my modest 7 pieces!  I do have more work to photograph and list.  It's fun but takes time.  I especially don't know my way around so the learning curve is a tad steep!

ETSY veterans, please let leave some comments here or on facebook...friend me if you haven't already.  I'm doing my best to mine for information - but input by those that have gone before me is greatly appreciated!!

fun times ahead.  


  1. Hi Linda, When you have time, look through the blog below, especially the early posts that started last August that discuss effective tagging and wording of announcement and titles for search engine opt. It can seem overwhelming at first but definitely get easier.
    Best of luck!

  2. barbara - a million thanks. It is a little overwhelming but exciting too! I am looking forward to learning a lot and hoping to make it successful!

    thanks for coming by!

  3. It's a big 'ol time suck! I sell stuff every time I put work in my shop, but I haven't posted anything in months, just haven't had time.
    Good luck!

  4. Tracey - I have to agree if setting up the shop is any indication! It took me two entire days. I was amazed! I can see it requires some targeted time management for sure, otherwise, I won't have time to make new things!

    Well, I've heard mixed things and thought since I'm in this situation of not working a "regular" job - I'd take advantage and give it a go....an experiment.


  5. Linda, Etsy will seem like an complex and confusing time sink at first, but as Barbara said, it does get easier. Definitely worth it from my perspective because I can work on my Etsy shop at my convenience --- even if that's at 2am :D!

    I've had the same experience as Tracey --- I sell when I add items to my shop, and when I neglect to do so, sales slow to a trickle.

    Good luck and much success to you!

  6. thanks ginny! I know that a little while back Whitney Smith did a class on ETSY. it may have been more general marketing but I recall it had a focus on ETSY specific aides to increase sales....now I am sorry I missed it.

    Whitney did offer to be a resource. I'll have to send her an email - Ive heard tell that she has more than a few tips and tricks up her sleeve.