WIP and some new molds


Started glazing the WIP.  it's a beginning, though I'm not sure where I'm heading (haw! no pun intended).  Amaco underglazes, first firing, to be continued...

AND, making some new bowl molds - I've been using these bowls as slump molds and I think I can get a cleaner result with a plaster mold - so at it I went this weekend.  I actually really like working with plaster.  I found myself mold-happy walking around my house eyeing everything as potential molds...go mold or go home!

Ed made the wood molds for me to be re-used, so just getting started.  If I can get some success, I'll make enough to up my production!  Actually, I've not made this type of mold before, I got some tips from Tiffany Schmierer over the phone and tried to figure out the rest.  Possibly not the best practice - I made a clay 'rim' for the bowl to seat on and made it pretty clean and tight.  I then put Vaseline on the bowl, which is made of bamboo, and poured away.  The bamboo is pretty snug in the mold, it hasn't yet released.  I'm hoping that when the plaster dries more the bamboo will lose some of the suction and be set free?

I probably could have watched a you tube video....


  1. Oh oh, somebody forgot to tell you the trick. If it doesn't release, I'll share...

  2. I'm reading I hope Zygote shares here how to release. I have some slump and hump molds but think plaster would work much better. I've heard of using something called soft soap for lining molds as a release.

    I like your WIP, her hair is wonderful looks like the wind is blowing or she is underwater and her hair is flowing.

  3. I spent part of the weekend reading a Lark publication, "The Essential Guide to Mold Making & Slip Casting" by Andrew Martin. He gets right to it, the book is very thorough. Though I work in a shop where we make both press and slip molds, I learned a few things. I'm just starting to make a few molds at my studio, and it is quite useful.

    Like the direction of coloring on the head, and as always, great site - naomi

  4. nope, nobody told me the trick! please PAH LEEESE share ;-) zy. Naomi - thanks for the info on that book. I realize I could have done a little information prep - but I dove in the pool with both feet! Sharing any/all helpful tips and information would be SO awesome, please do anyone who happens by...
    Many thanks!