navigating major changes

New vases

Ed's newbie cup

My world is in flux.  I need a deflocculant.   Now, so I don't LOSE MY MIND; I am working to plant seeds, keep my feet on the ground, connect to what's important, learn and change, not have a meltdown while I'm at it.

Some parts I'm handling gracefully.  Some parts, uh, not so much.  See, I wasn't prepared for this change?  Funny how that works.  So lots of navigating and reorientation.  And guess what; introverts have pretty low tolerance...I think that's why I keep having fleeing fantasies - like going on a trip to fiji, walking out on my job, getting in my car and LA.

So while floating around on a swelly sea; I really need to get to work in my studio producing work for a show in November.  that's probably the answer.  clay.


  1. 2000-2005 we moved four times, five different schools for our introvert daughter. She is braver and stronger for it, but our heads were spinning for a few years! Change is good, exciting, exhausting, sad, happy, interesting....the big change for us coming up is her leaving for college. Talk about change! Love the textures on the pottery by the way, very nice :)

  2. Oh I can't wait until I get a job and those paychecks start rollin' around so I can buy one of these gorgeous vases!

  3. Clay is always the answer, carry it with you if you must.

  4. Yes, get connected to the earth and the rest will follow :)