Hello Linda, 
Congratulations - you have been accepted to the 2011 Santa Cruz Sea Glass & Ocean Art festival!

We had an overwhelming amount of applications this year, with 55 artists and only 36 spaces.
Each artist application was categorized according to medium and viewed by a 5 panel jury. Points were awarded according to originality, photo quality, technique, and overall artistic quality. It was a very tough decision for us.



  1. Congratulations! Those are such nice notes to get aren't they? So much better than the thank you for your application but....
    I enjoyed your last post, finally getting caught up on all my blog reading since vacation. I had a similar off the grid experience in Maine, it was really nice to go unplugged for a while!

  2. Congrats Linda that's great news!

  3. thank you gals! I'm hoping with my crazy full time job that I can get all I need to get done in a more zen manner this time! as the deadline nears; I tend to get a bit stressy. Right now, I'm in the super excited stage, pretty quick here the holy crap, I need to GET TO WORK stage will hit...