Thomas Christopher Haag

Thomas Christopher Haag - I met him on Saturday at The Compound Gallery opening.  I bought those lower two pieces.  He is referencing when Buddha reaches enlightenment, He exclaimed:

"I have had numerous births. In vain have I sought the builder of the house. Oh, the torment of perpetual rebirth! But I have seen you at last, O builder of the house. You no longer build the house. The rafters are broken; the old walls are down. The ancient mountain crumbles; the mind attains to nirvana; birth is no more for desire is no more." 

Thomas' work is amazing - it requires your attention and curiosity to investigate each piece and the multidimensional symbolism and incredibly intricate layering of imagery and text.  Trust me that the pictures do these pieces no justice whatsoever you need to see this stuff in the flesh.

He uses reclaimed house paint and wood and old books and periodicals.  Clever.

I was blown away.

Thomas Christopher Haag has a space at The Compound Gallery 


  1. Woooow! My son caught a glimpse of what was up on the screen and made me move so he could get a good look. Total eye candy.

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