I want to talk about Gundi Deitz

words from her website: "Creatures with a strange sexuality, girl-like an massive lost in meditation and whimsical at the same time, helplessly plump and yet frivolous."

I'm drawn in.   The power of this work for me is it is all about contrast and extremes, but in so subtle a way - there is such solid, stubborn power displayed in the fragile porcelain 'picture' of a pudgy, seemingly simple, innocent, young (?) girl.  

Gundi Deitz website is very interesting in that the gallery format shows photos of work spanning 30 years.  I find it a fascinating commentary on the emergence of a style and it's spectacular expansion.  I found it very informative to see such an amazing artists career arc.  

Please go check out the works page on her website.  
and here

I'm feeling akio and esther in these pieces too!


  1. Love how uncomfortable it makes me feel. Great work.

  2. exactly! It is not so much that it's disturbing, but it's agitating.