Workshop trifecta





Friday's Workshop: Jason Walker and Sergei Isopov were hosted at College of Marin for a workshop.  Hue Yang told me about it so I was being opportunistic.

College of Marin is now sporting an incredible and awe inspiring new ceramic arts facility!  Words can't explain.  I had recently seen Jason Walker at California Clay Conference in Davis and watched his demo there - it was interesting to watch Sergei work on a piece.  I was surprised at how he uses almost all slab construction - he pushes and pokes at the clay to get it to go where he wants.  Jason is very precise in his movements.  Sergei is hilarious and entertaining; he is in all respects a showman.

Saturday's Workshop:  Julia Galloway Workshop in Walnut Creek.  Remember I told you guys about this one a while ago...I was really looking forward to it.  It was a packed house! Julia is one of the most knowledgeable and gracious people I've think I've ever met.  A wonderfully informative workshop - she is a pistol!  Most of the wisdom and guru-esque-ness was delivered so quietly in between techniques - if you blinked you'd miss something very important.  She has a dearth of information and historical context that it makes for a very interesting discussion on process, workshops, current and up and coming artists, reference to the past.  I highly recommend signing up for a workshop with her.  No matter your skill or style, she'll inspire and she'll definitely teach you something.

Shellac was my literal takeaway; the philosophical takeaways were numerous and probably different depending on where you are in your career.  Jesse Lu from Jesse Lu's Mudbucket was there and will probably have some additional details and photos.

Sunday: We hosted Jane McDonald at Clay Creations for a Raku sculpture and firing day.  Jane is a super cool woman; I really like her and look forward to taking a trip up to her studio in Petaluma to spend some time with her.  She teaches at SF State and in her own studio.  She has a long history of supporting clay in her community and teaching kids and seniors!  A wonderful woman.  It was a great workshop too!

Honestly, I"m tired.  Actually, I'm tired of workshops.  Time to take a break from workshops....and just immerse in my own work; up to my neck!

I'll leave you with this:
Leza McVey - another amazing and mostly forgotten sculptor and potter.


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