more vases I'm making for a couple upcoming events; I've been using a carved plaster design to get the initial relief which I then painstakingly carve in around to enhance the outline of the relief....I say painstakingly, but I actually find that I really enjoy it.  It's very meditative to sit for hours and concentrate on drawing.  my neck hurts, but hey, no pain no gain!

I am trying some raised on raised appliqued areas as well - over the carving with their own relief patterns.

anyway, having some fun even though I'm staring down some deadlines!

CCACA is coming up and the Vase show at Fourth & Clay!


  1. beautiful carving; I found my neck hurts too when I look down, I keep telling myself I need to get an table top easel for my slip painted tiles and put my sculptures on a taller surface so I'm not looking down constantly.

  2. thank you! I hear that, Linda. Only sometimes, I have to hold the thing in my lap - it's the most comfortable position. I just have to keep looking up and take breaks!

  3. Those are really, really neat! What a sweet surface to play with.