scaling up

After a long break from sculpture; I'm back at it and trying to scale up on some pieces.  It's all about the hair.  When I was in high school; I had a bit of big hair myself...nicknames?  Frober, fro for short, Sheera.  It didn't help that I'd attempt to straighten it with a hair dryer of all things which would make it look like I was standing in the static machine.  Oh, the tragedies of high school styling in the 80's.  One favorite pass time in my public educational classrooms was the 'kids' spending hours to see how many pencils they could hide in my hair..........16!

Anyway - I am thinking big hair, people....go big or go home!

The interesting thing in this process has been engineering the build.  It's been a good learning curve.  I need to take more pics of the process as I go along....and work on my faces.  

size:  25" in height on average at this point.  I'm using 412 Sculpture mix, with an eye to moving to porcelain.

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