PUBLIC GLASS Artists and Artisans Auction 2011

below is another picture of Oben Abright's work in the poster...impressive, indeed!
Great event, great work, great cause.  Public Glass is a dynamic local studio!

I've been to a few of the Hot Glass/Cold Beer demo events over the years.  These are usually weekend evening events where they open up the studio and have visiting artists come in and do what always turns out to be glass 'performance' art.  There is an entry fee to get in and that includes choosing a hand blown glass made by many of the artists in the studio that you keep.  There is beer, food, music, art and if you can get a good spot, the place is packed, there is molten glass being pulled and moved through the crowds being turned into some glass art before your eyes and the energy in the studio is exciting and passionate!

definitely a good night out.

Public Glass

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