New vases

I made a few new vases this weekend.  I wanted to try out some ideas; so I made a small bunch to work out whether the ideas were worthwhile.  I gave the tar paper a go with the larger piece and it works like a champ!

In my sculptural world right now, I'm working on heads that will have flowers and bits in their hair, so I'm all about flower decor right now.  Spring?, what can I say.  And just in time for Mother's Day.  I have a sale in the next few weeks I need to make some work for and then CCACA and then a Vase show at Fourth & Clay.  Feeling the pressure right now.  


  1. loving the dimensionality of the flowers!

  2. linda, the new work looks fantastic. perfect for mother's day.....

    geez, maybe i should get one for my mom!

  3. thanks K&S and DJ - feedback is vital! I'm not sure about some of the elements, but I like where it's trackin'. We'll see how it evolves!