Warm up

photo: Ivan Terestchenko

So here we are - poised; looking out over the unknown landscape of a new year?

What will it bring?

The last two + weeks I've had some major time to "rest" - I've been fighting walking pneumonia.  I don't recommend it!  But, the flip side of sitting around day after day for literally weeks is getting an opportunity to truly rest.  Hours and hours and hours of an opportunity to think on what went down last year and what my goals and intentions are for this fancy new one.

Personally, I've always looked at January as warm up month.

At this point, I'm working on a loose plan and spending the next month mapping out what it means for the calendar year - at least using my work as a guide.  I have for years now been focusing ALL of my free time on my art, and it's been great.  BUT, the big BUT is my big butt!  All kidding aside; I think it's clear as I wheeze the night away that I need to consider taking better care of myself.  I have been supreme at just getting by on that score and it's catching up with me.

NO Way am I running down to the gym with all the resolutionists.  Like I said, January is a warm up month - my grace period.

This is more about looking forward 5 years, 10 years and my body's fitness as I get older. To me; it's like putting money in the bank.   I've been working up to this exercise subject for some time.  I've put it off.  I've been nursing countless wounds, surgeries, chronic fatigue, and injuries that have kept me out of my gear for years at this point.  I am thinking how to weave back in some dedicated exercise over the course of this year.

What I find the most daunting is that it takes time; time away from my work.  I only have so much time to spend and I usually spend most of it doing clay.

So the question for the 2011 Warm Up month is; how to I use my time wisely?
(minus the 40 hours spent at the rock quarry)?

answer: TBD

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