Jack LaLanne | 1914-2011

Every day as long back as I can remember (I may have been 4); I'd set up my little chair in front of the TV in our family room and I'd get my dog Rocky to sit next to me and I'd watch Jack LaLanne and do my exercises.  Even after I started Kindergarten, I'd come home and I wouldn't miss Jack's show!  It remains one of my most vivid memories of my childhood!

I met him once when I was in my 20s - what an experience; it remains one of the most incredible conversations I've ever had with anyone!   a hero of mine.


  1. yay! I live not far from him (he lived in Morro Bay) and saw him in a restaurant a few years ago. He looked amazing. Black leather jacket, sunglasses, curling dark hair and an electric presence. I remember my mom watching him, doing toe touches and jumping jacks.

  2. No way Julie! how cool is that! What an inspirational guy. My mom said they all used to huddle in front of the only tv on the block in teh excelsior dist in SF at my grandmas and watch his show.