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  1. what a disgusting waste that is I guess we're lucky in this country; I heard Detroit was bulldozing whole blocks of homes that were repossessed. why not let the folks have them and rebuild their lives, is our country crazy, homeless people everywhere and we're tearing down perfectly good houses.

  2. a crime. so sad on so many levels.

  3. Please check Baidu, China's Google, for the real story:

    - The township that solicited Ai Weiei for the village studio project did not arrange for proper building permit. That's why the building was deemed illegal. Collective farm land is protected in China.

    - On July 23, 2010, Ai Weiei was notified of lack of permit by Shanghai City, but construction continued to completion.

    - The local official initiated the project tried to save the building. They offered to compensate Ai 50% more in exchange for the building to be donated to the village collective, in order to qualify for public project exemption, but Ai refused.

    - On October 19, 2010, Shanghai City issued the demolition order that the demolition should occur no later than 11/7.

    Should famous people be allowed to ignore the law?

    Search for an article titled "艾未未工作室被拆记" and put it thru a translator.

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  5. Hi Bobby and thanks for posting a comment; I'm all for more information. I'll try to have a little better grammar for this entry ;)

    I have heard about the permit issue and read some conflicting information; I suspect the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. Of course famous people should not be above the law, nor should they be made an example outside the law. I think the result is sad for all concerned and no matter what the issue on the permit; I think it's absolutely ridiculous they thought it was an acceptable solution to tear the building down?