Krochet Kids

Beanie's are so good - this one here is the Waldo cap made by the Krochet Kids.
I heard about these kids a couple years ago and got a beanie early days, think it's time for a couple more.

The story begins at Mount Spokane High School, where the trio of Stewart Ramsey, Travis Hartanov and Kohl Crecelius learned to crochet brightly-colored beanies (brimless caps sometimes worn by surfers), turning them into a must-have fashion accessories amongst their classmates. Recognizing that there might be a market for their caps—and that underprivileged individuals in far-flung parts of the world might be able to generate income from producing crocheted outerwear—they dubbed themselves Krochet Kids, and founded a non-profit organization that employs and empowers people through the power of crochet. With an ambitious pilot program in war-torn northern Uganda already underway, Krochet Kids International (KKI) is proving that it’s possible to change the world, one crocheted beanie at a time.
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Krochet Kids 
Krocket Kids - buy a hat change a life
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I'm a total sucker for a good beanie.

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  1. First, cute beanie, second how awesome are those kids!? I love stories like like this.