A measure of success

Tday was a great success!  It started with a spectacular crispy clear walk at the beach with friends.  Thank god it was some pottery friends; they were dual-intervention against my "artistic neuroses driven brink of a meltdown.
Great dinner with family! Great second dinner where my gorgeous brother waltzed in with  a huge bowl of fresh caught cooked & marinated CRAB!  SO GOOD...even tiny pup wanted his share.  
the cup is one of the 2nd Gen cups; I'm finally getting close here to where I want to go with these.  
here's what on the horizon:

Madrigalli Market 
December 3rd-4th 
Historic Pedro Point Firehouse
Friday night reception 6-9pm |Sat 10-6
1227 Danman Ave
Pacifica, Ca

Holiday Sale at Clay Creations
December 4th & 5th 10am to 5pm.
2316 Palmetto Avenue

Invitational Cup Show
OPENING Party Thursday, Dec 9th 

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