may be in over my head ??

My friend Sharon Virtue recommended me to the gals at Fourth & Clay to participate in this show and there I am!  Jeepers - do you see the lineup?  I'm feeling in a bit over my head, but hey no guts no glory, right?

I'm also wildly thankful to be involved.

Time to get my A-game on and ask the clay and kiln gods to work some magic too - cross your fingers for me.  (I have a set of cups at the half way mark that I am hoping will fit the bill).

If you're around  - I can guarantee this will be a super fun event and like I said; look at the line up - worth your time!

I know I will be spending big on some new cups for my collection - I'm a big fan of many of these artists.

So come by -  see the show.


  1. dude - I know!!! freaking OUT!!! Hey, think you can come to this? would be SO fun and cool to see you in real life ;)