I lied

I said I'd not be posting for a week - and I am almost outta here; I managed to sneak in a workshop with Christa Assad this weekend.

Many of you probably know of or have heard of Christa Assad?  If not, you might want to sit up and pay attention.  To be sure, Christa is a super cool gal and makes incredible work.  I have posted about her a few times and I have a small collection of Christa cups.  It was great to see her.  She's been running around all over the world, she recently had an amazing 9 week trip doing a diverse bit of ceramic-y stuff.

This was a robust workshop at 6 hours, and even with technical glitches and some studio issues; she made one of her "iron teapots", a two part vase (sitting on the table in back of her there) a Saki set with tray and managed to get them all done on the hour!

For me she represents the modern ceramic artist - dynamic young, modern, super talented future...

Christa Assad
Ferrin Gallery
Fourth & Clay

I took a workshop from Christa a couple years ago; one important tip of many from her is that she uses a retractable box cutter to cut and alter pieces; it has become my indispensable tool.  The cheapy ones you can get at the hardware store - they are long and thin - right, you can see where I'm going with this.  It does not drag or pull on clay when you cut, it's a great improvement over a knife.  I also got all excited about making a damp box which she swears by -  the best idea yet that has not materialized  (I do have a sack of plaster and a couple bins - I'm half way there!).

Repeating this workshop was a great opportunity to see her evolution over the last couple years and listen to her talk about what's going on for her now and how her recent experiences are shaping her work.  

Oh, and the roller!  She is using a little hand roller tool - like a printing roller for her seams - that was new from her last workshop!  I have been using a wall paper seam roller to work on my work and it definitely allows for greatly compressed seams with a nice clean finish!  

Actually, I think when you have an opportunity to get to meet and see an artist in action - however many times, it's worth it.  I am hoping at some point to do a 1 week or 2 week workshop with her, how fabulous would that be?  

One more bit of news: Christa's and her Studio mates at Fourth & Clay will be having a holiday show in early Dec - they have a bunch of artists selling cups (I don't know how I got to participate in this but I am and kind of freaking out about it).  There will be food, fun, drinks and music - should be a good time.  Check out the Fourth & Clay website for more info.

cheers, best
see you all soon!


  1. I would love to take one of Christa's workshops, hope she comes to the east coast one of these days to give a workshop.

  2. The large Tupperware and plaster damp box has been a real time saver in the studio this fall. Throw and trim a few wareboards full and stack'em in to be finished off when a spot of time manifests itself.

  3. She is just pure awesomeness. It's great to see her work in action, and don't freak out about the show I can't wait to see your work and I know this is a show that everyone is going have tons of fun :-))

  4. Hi Linda - you should send her an email and suggest it! Christa is a very cool gal.

    FG - I am dragging A on making my damp box. One of my projects for xmas break.

    Hue - thank you.