ok, THIS was fun...

click here - RAKU Demo at Fog Fest

Featuring me as the "cranky" cranker 
Margaret Tassi the STAR puller & Rig Inventor!
Georgene MacNicol as second puller.  

Video courtesy of Erika Peterson's new iPhone...
and dedicated to John Toki - who wasn't there in person but definitely in spirit - he was the inspiration.

Of course, THIS happening on one of the hottest days of the year in Pacifica (90 degrees - thanks for that) and this the 4th firing of the day.  

Margaret hatched this Raku Rig idea after attending the Raku FEST at RAC with me over a week ago - inspiration put to work!  We even tried a bunch of glaze/underglaze that Jane MacDonald had outlined at the festival during her talk - we had mixed results this first go.   

Friday night before this event we were giddy and ridiculous with excitement putting this rig together with the help of,  well,,,some riggers (friends of the studio)

dang, I love ceramics and ceramics people...

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