In other news...

The Studio Space I have been teaching in and working is having an event.  We link up with the Art&Wine event in Pacifica: FOGFEST which is in it's 25th year (I've never been).  The clay studio will be having our
own event and pottery sale a little down the street.

Should be fun!

come by if you're in range.....

btw: the studio is looking for artist members  - we have space - we are 10-15 mins south of San Francisco on the coast.  We are a fully equipped studio with 12 wheels, electric, Raku and new High Fire Kilns.  We are currently a Mid-Fire studio with new options for High Fire.  We have a small cute gallery space and are rolling out a new workshop series for 2011!  I'll be posting more about those...

For more info - there is a link at the top of my blog on the left.


  1. Well, it's not new; it's becoming a full fledged clay studio. They have been a painting pottery studio and have been migrating out of that into full time clay. The owner Margaret Tassi moved to the spot they are in just a year ago and have been continuing to change and grow the space - it's a real nice environment and for $180 mos you get an open key member ship and firing and glazing is included! total DEAL!